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Hey guys!

        Right on time for the end of February, this month I was definitely crushing on this amazing tea. If you know me, you know I LOVE coffee, so tea is usually not my thing. BUT, after trying tea drops I have become a total tea drinker. My concern with tea usually is that it doesn't give me the energy I need for an early morning or a long day, but after trying tea drops I felt so energized I didn't even feel the need to have coffee.

       Tea drops is unique from other tea's I've tried, it has no bag! The packaging is so cute, the one I tried was in the shape of a flower. It was so easy all you have to do is throw your tea in hot water then stir. Don't worry about having to add extra calories or sugars because this tea has the perfect amount of sweetness to it. Yup, its that easy. 

       Thank you for keeping up with may, stay tuned for what I might be crushing on next month.

xoxo, Nikki