College Living: Part 1 - Living Room Tour

L I V I N G R O O M 

Hi again!

       I am FINALLY starting my college apartment tour series and I'm so excited. I know college apartments can be tricky to decorate without spending a ton on something temporary. My roommates and I didn't really coordinate our decorations, and we have slowly been adding more and more to our communal areas: the living room, bar, and kitchen. Luckily for us we chose a space that is very bright with mostly white walls, and with the incorporation of a light teal accent wall it gives our living room a defined space. Below I'll explain each piece with details and links for you, stay tuned for more college living posts!



So this couch came with our apartment, we weren't so sure about it at first but after a while we realized it's SO comfy. I'm not exactly sure where its from, but here are a few similar options I found.

Pillows & Blankets:

Most of these are from TJ Maxx or Marshalls which are my absolute favorite home stores for a college budget. Every time I go to home goods or Marshalls there is ALWAYS something new and so affordable. Its a little more work having to look through a bunch of random items, but in my opinion it's soooo worth it. Here a some similar pillows and blankets I love.

Coffee Table & Table under TV?(what do I even call that?):

For our living room furniture, we kept it very simple. On the coffee table theres a modern (fake) plant I got from Target with some marble coasters from Home Goods. This coffee table is pretty small so keeping it simple is the best way to avoid a cluttered space. Under the TV we actually placed a desk that came with our apartment and decorated with a vase and fresh flowers, magazines, a speaker, and some more coasters.

Wall Decor:

This was our most recent addition to our living room, and we plan on adding more as we go. Most of the decorations we have were a little bit of a DIY project, but nothing that took too long. The LOVE above the TV is from Nordstrom, but it was originally a rusty red color. All we did was spray it with gold spray paint, wait for it to dry, and hang them up. Behind our couch, we printed out a few pictures and hung them with clips and decorated with 3D flower decals.