Happy New Year!

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Click here for more info on this look!

Every time I make a resolution list I follow it for three months then it’s out the window… sad but true. This year, I want to share my resolution list with you all to keep myself motivated and hopefully give you ideas for your 2019 resolutions. I hope you enjoy and have the best year yet!


  1. Get in shape

-Starting with staying on top of food intake and working out more frequently. I am not really trying to lose a significant amount of weight right now, but I do want to get more toned and feel more energized. Being healthy is what I want to focus on, not necessarily weight loss (but it’s a nice bonus to eating healthy).

2. Stop procrastinating.

Throughout the year, I usually have a few lazy weeks and few productive weeks, but this year I want to try and be productive all year round (lazy weekends of course…). Just by scheduling and planning my days I get everything done ahead of time. In my case, this is only possible by writing EVERYTHING down.

3. Read More

I am constantly checking social media and reading current events via snapchat or Instagram instead of making the time to disconnect and read something with more meaning. Reading a few books is definitely an important goal this year. (any recommendations?)

4. Take everything in

I feel like I have literally been waiting to be an adult my entire life, and now it feels like I blinked and its happening. Where the hell has all the time gone?? This year my goal is to not take anything for granted and make every day/moment/second count. #Blessed

5. School/Blogging

Over the past few years, I feel that I have truly learned what it takes to be a great blogger, and it definitely takes lots of planning, time, and effort. Balancing school and being consistent on my blog can get difficult but this year I am going to make the most of my free time and improve my time management.

1-5 are important so I went into more detail

6-15 are more personal resolutions

6. Listen to more music.

7. Be more adventurous.

8. Be patient & go with the flow.

9. Try a new hobby.

10. Drink more tea.

11. Treat yo self.

12. Travel, travel and more TRAVEL.

13. Always wear your invisible crown. (This one is on my list every year)

14. Make time for friends, old and new.

15. Take more walks.