Valencia Travel Guide

Hey loves!

I'm so excited to finally share my six week travel experience with you all. As you may know, I studied abroad in Valencia Spain for six weeks, and I can easily say it was the best experience of my life. Traveling is by far one of my favorite hobbies so this decision was an easy one for me. Not only was I able to get ahead in my classes over the summer but I was able to experience new cultures, new languages, and SO much new food. For my next few posts I will be sharing my travels with you on the blog. First up: Valencia! 


The City 

Valencia is a beautiful city with a small town feel, even though its the third largest city in Spain. This city is rich in culture and history without feeling like a tourist trap. Whether you want to go to the beach, walk in the park, or visit some pretty awesome museums, Valencia has it all. 

How to Get Around

Walk or Bike - Although Valencia is a big city, its very flat so walking can get you around most of the popular areas. Bikes are available for rent in plenty of shops or sometimes they might even come with your apartment. However if you want to use it often you may want to get a membership with Valenbisi which is a city bike share program.

Bus/Metro - Public transportation is fairly easy to use, inexpensive, and the bus passes are available in any tobacco shop. There is a variety of ticket options to choose from depending on how long you'll be there and how often you use the bus.

Taxi/Cabify - Finding a taxi in Valencia is very simple, there is no Uber here so you'll see plenty of taxis driving by. Cabify works the same way uber does through an app on your phone, however I found it much faster to go find one when I needed one. Tip: All Taxis must give you the option to pay with card. If they say no, they just want you to pay cash.

Where to Stay

My school organized the housing for all students, I stayed in an apartment complex called Bed & Bike. This building is located in the middle of El Carmen (The Old Town) which is a great location to walk around with plenty of restaurants and very close to a few historical landmarks like Torres de Serrano. Although I didn't stay in one, Airbnb has some beautiful cozy apartments around The Old Town that a few of my friends stayed at when they visited. As long as you always look through all the pictures and reviews before booking Airbnb is an easy way to find a place to stay.

Where to Eat

Cafe Lavin - I spent most of my mornings at this adorable little cafe. The service is quick when you're on the go or if you want to sit and get a nice view of the Torres de Serrano. The staff is really sweet and everything on the menu is typical Spanish food. (Best Mojitos ever)

San Tomasso - If you're in the mood for amazing Italian food, this restaurant is a must. Everyone feels the same way about this place so make sure you make a reservation or you might have to wait a long time to be seated. I highly recommend the muscles and the mushroom ravioli (YUM).

Haus - Another typical Tapas restaurant, except this one is so cute inside (for pics of course) and if you call in advance they can make a reservation for a large group which is basically like renting out the entire restaurant. Make sure you're hungry because you might want to order one of everything. 

Almalibre - When you feel like you need to eat something other than carbs, this little restaurant is a must. They have amazing acai bowls with fresh toppings as well as fresh squeezed juices. If you're in the mood for a healthy meal I highly recommend the burger bowl with humus (it's vegan) for a delicious & refreshing salad. 

What to Do

Don't be afraid to get lost - Walking around the Old Town with nowhere to go was one of my favorite things to do. It feels like every time I would walk in the area I would find a new shop or little cafe. This area is also the art district so don't forget to look around and appreciate that.

The Market - I would definitely recommend going on an empty stomach because there's so much to try here! You can try meats, cheeses, fruits, seafood and so much more. All the vendors are so sweet and will let you have samples before you buy. Definitely worth the experience.

City of Arts & Sciences - You don't even have to enter any of the museums to appreciate the incredible architecture in this area.

La Lonja -  A hidden gem in Valencia, the silk market. I would recommend getting a little tour of this place, and admission is free on Sundays!


Mya - If you go back to the City of Arts & Sciences at night you'll find this two story club with three different music rooms and an open top level. This place has the best drinks (one included with the cover fee) and music for everyones taste.

Foxcongo - For more of a bar scene this place has great music and a young crowd, and on Tuesdays it's American night!

Espit Chupitos - A shots bar with over 600 types of shots, some with fire, some with candy, and some come with a head massage... You'll have to see for yourself!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more travel posts.

xoxo, Nikki